Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Blew My Stack

That's right.  I was going to design 4 card styles for my upcoming Christmas card stack but I got a little carried away. ' So many ideas, so little time', to coin a phrase.

Accordingly, I have decided to do 4 different designs on each of the two days I am offering the stack. You can choose the day you like best, or if you feel the need, come both days. There will be no card switches.

DAY ONE - Friday, September 13th:

DAY TWO - Saturday, September 14th:

Here are all the details. It is the same for both days. You will make 12 cards - 3 of each design - for $30.00. The class begins at 9 am sharp. Please try to arrive 10 min early - I will have coffee on to help you wake up if this is quite early for any of you.

There will be a break for lunch at noon. Again, I will provide coffee, tea, or water. Please bring a bagged lunch which you can store in my fridge until we eat. If we are lucky, we will be able to eat on the porch or the deck. I live on an acreage so the closest place to eat is in Devon, 5 minutes away. Work resumes at 1 pm and we should be finished by 4 pm.

I will send you directions to get my home when you confirm attendance by email.
Attendance must be confirmed by the evening of Sept 9th. I will begin making up the packages the following day.

You need to bring the following:

-paper and pen to take notes
-PERMANENT adhesive tape runner (or other two-sided adhesive) and a refill (I no longer carry extra stock)
-a liquid paper glue with a very small tip for adhering fine details (I recommend Zip Dry or Dries Clear by Artglitter). You will be able to find the tape runner and glue at Michaels
-Magic tape or other easy release tape for die cutting. (Post-it makes a good tape for this purpose as well but you don't need to go to that expense if you don't want to)
-a roll of wax paper (for die cutting of fine detailed dies - there will be lots of this, especially on Saturday)
-if you own a craft work sheet like the one Tim Holtz sells, you will probably want to bring it to work on but don't go looking for one if you will not have further use for it.
-a regular crafting kit with HB pencil, white eraser, fine point scissors. bone folder, etc.

If you are not a regular paper crafter and don't own some of these items such as a bone folder (what the heck is that, you ask), do not worry about it. I do have a few to share.

Just a note about my cards. If you follow or check back on my blog, you will see that they always have a coordinating finish on the inside. They are all either 5 x 6 1/2" or 5 3/4" square. And you will be supplied with envelopes. Also, this year, I have made absolutely sure that they can all be mailed for standard postage. Nothing over-sized and no lumps that stick out so far, the card won't slide through that ridiculously skinny 'test' slot at the post office.

I guess that is about all. I will be out of town for a few days but will be checking my emails regularly so if you have any further questions or wish to confirm attendance, I will be sure to get right back to you. Sorry, no phone calls for a few days at least.

Hope to see some of you in mid-September. Until then, don't forget to get your fingers inky!

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